March 12, 2021

What’s in the Box?

When you buy Pleco, there’s more in the box than just a sensor!

Every box comes with:

  1. Sensor
  2. Shell
  3. Display
  4. Calibration Container
  5. Instruction Manual
  6. Display Charger and cable

The sensor attaches to an existing water meter, makes precise measurements of water flow, detects different kinds of water usage, detects leaks and sends the data to the display.

The shell houses the batteries that power the sensor and the sensor antenna used to communicate with the display.

The display works as the user interface and as a hub connecting to the internet and making data available on the smartphone through the Pleco app and online.

The charger and cable are used to change the display. Although the display has a battery, it is recommended it stays connected to the charger for continuous use. When not plugged in, the display battery should last about an hour or more.

The calibration container is used to ship Pleco and calibrate the sensor during set up.

The instruction manual contains detailed product and regulatory information and is also available online. We recommend watching our How to Install Video on youtube in addition to reading the manual.

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