March 19, 2021

Does Pleco Pay for Itself?

With Pleco you will know where, when and how you are using water and will have the information to make smart decisions on to best use your water and reduce your water bill.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (, homeowners can save 10% on their water bills by fixing leaks. Pleco’s leak detection feature will alert you of potential leaks early enabling you to take action before incurring significant costs and water damage.

Pleco users have found different and sometimes unexpected ways to reduce their water bills. Several users reported that they reduced the length of their shower after seeing how much water it used. Several of our customers either found a leaky sprinkler system or readjusted their irrigation times to save water.

Some of the more unusual cases, included a customer who found out that his water softener was regenerating 3 times per week, while once a week is sufficient. Since the regeneration happens at 3 am, he only became aware when he saw the water use on Pleco. He reprogrammed the regeneration and has been saving a lot of water.

Our experience shows that Pleco users find many ways to save water reduce their water bills. Our tests and calculations indicate that without any leaks or water damage, pleco pays for itself in about two years. While if there are leaks or water damage, pleco pays for itself multiple times on day one.

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