The Pleco sensor attaches to a functioning water meter and sends water usage information in near real time to the Pleco display. Sensor data is transmitted to the display via a radio link. No tools are required to attach the sensor to the water meter. Simply fasten the elastic belt around the water meter to hold the sensor in place. The sensor is designed to be used outdoors but should not be submerged or operated underwater.


The battery shell houses four (4) standard D-cell batteries that are used to power the sensor and radio data transmission to the display. On average the batteries are expected to last about twelve months. The battery shell also serves as the base for the sensor antenna which is mounted on an extendable mast. For water meters located underground, the antenna should be raised as close to ground level as possible for improved transmission of sensor data to the display.


The Pleco touch-screen display receives sensor data and shows water usage in near real time. It works as a hub connecting to the Internet and the smartphone app. It can be wall mounted or placed on a counter or desk. The display should be within 50 ft. distance from the sensor for effective data transfer. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts over 1-hour. Keep the display connected to the external power supply for continuous use. The display is to be used indoors and should not be exposed to the elements.


The container used to ship Pleco is used to calibrate the system. During calibration you will fill the container to the 1-Gallon water mark in order to initialize the system. All foam packaging materials should be removed from the container prior to calibration.


The Pleco app will show water usage in near real-time in your smartphone. It displays information similar to that on the Pleco display and provides a convenient way to monitor your water usage when you are away.

Setup in minutes, no tools required. All you need is the box!

For more information download the Pleco user booklet.