Where can I buy pleco?
Pleco is available at our web site at www.nudgesystems.com and at selected stores.
How accurate is pleco?
Pleco’s accuracy depends on the calibration when you install it. You should expect about 95% accuracy for total water consumption.
Can Pleco detect different kinds of water usage?
Yes, Pleco detects different kinds of water usage: faucet, flush, shower, irrigation, and other. Usage identification accuracy is subject to variability in water supply installations.
Pleco is giving me different results from the ones on my water bill. Which one is correct?
For billing purposes, use the results from your water bill. The reporting time period between the water meter readings and Pleco are not synchronized, which may explain the difference.
Will Pleco detect a leak?
Yes, Pleco will detect and report most leaks.
How long will the batteries last?
The batteries on the sensor will last about twelve months for a typical residential water usage. The battery on the display will last over an hour and is rechargeable. We recommend keeping the display connected to the power supply for continuous use.
Will Pleco work on my water meter?
We have tested Pleco on a variety of water meters and it works with most but not all meters.
I installed Pleco but I am not receiving any data. What should I do?
Reinstall Pleco following the instructions that came with the product, if you still don’t get water usage data, contact us at [email protected].
Do I need to turn the water off to install Pleco?
You will need to turn off the water only for the Pleco calibration. Follow the installation instructions, no tools are required, and Pleco will be working and giving you water usage data in a few minutes. The process is straightforward.
Do I need a contractor to install Pleco?
No, we have made it so easy and simple that no tools or experts are required to install Pleco.
Will I be able to calibrate Pleco if I have an undetected leak?
For most leaks Pleco will detect the water flow and won’t complete the calibration as it would result in inaccurate water usage measurements. In this case, you may need to close off the water valve to ensure no water flow, and then open it up for calibration. Pleco also gives you the option of bypassing calibration and completing it after the initial setup.
There was a red light on the Pleco sensor that turned off as I installed the system. Is this how it is supposed to be?
Yes, the red light goes off and stays off as soon as the system is initialized.
How do I know the system is calibrated?
The Pleco display will show a message indicating successful calibration. You can also check the calibration factor by selecting “About” under Settings.
If the battery in the display depletes, do I need to setup the system all over again?
If the display battery is depleted, simply connect it to the power supply. If the sensor batteries are depleted, replace with new ones and repeat the sensor and display pairing procedure. Pleco will alert the user when the display or sensor battery is low. We recommend keeping the display connected to the power supply for continuous use.
Do I need a smartphone to use Pleco?
No, everything you need to use Pleco comes with the product. As an option, you can download the Pleco app for your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.
Do I need to carry the display with me at all times? And can I bring it on short and long trips?
The display should remain within 50 ft. from the Pleco sensor to receive data. When you are away from home you can check your water usage using the Pleco app in your smartphone.
The Pleco app stopped showing water usage. What is the problem?
The most likely problem is lost Wi-Fi connection. Make sure the Pleco display is on and showing water usage. Then cycle power the display. If the problem persists, go to the settings screen in the Pleco display and reset the Wi-Fi connection.
Can anyone in the family download the app? Will we have separate accounts?
Everyone can download the app and watch the water usage in their smartphone. There is a single account for each Pleco device. The same user name and password should be used to login. In the app, username and password are only required the first time you login.
How many gallons a day should I set up my limit to?
According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the average American family of four uses about 400 gallons of water a day. Pleco comes with a default setting of 200 gallons a day to encourage conservation.
What if I exceed my daily water usage limit?
Pleco will continue to show your water usage but the excess will be shown in yellow, orange and red to alert you.
Why should I buy Pleco if there is no drought regulation in my State?
Water is our most precious resource and conserving it for future generations is our responsibility. Pleco will inform you of your water usage, alert of potential leaks and help you save water, which may lower your water bill.
What if I don’t want to share my water usage?
No problem, just skip the Wi-Fi setup process and continue with the installation. In this case you will not be able to see the data on the smartphone app, but you still can see your water usage on the Pleco display.