February 16, 2021

What units can Pleco read?

In the United States we are used to measuring water in Gallons or Cubic Feet (cu. ft.), while Europe uses the metric system (liters and cubic meters). Converting between these units is not complicated but, in most cases, requires a calculator.

As shown in the figure, these units represent very different volumes with 1 m3 being equivalent to 35.31 cu. ft., and 264.17 Gallons and 1,000 liters.

Pleco reports water usage as volume of water and the user can select any of these units: Gallons, Liters, cu. ft. or m3.

Pleco also reports flow rate as volume of water per unit time and the units of measurement for flow rate are determined depending on the selected units for volume of water as follows:

Volume Flow Rate
Gallons Gallons per minute
Liters Liters per minute
cu. ft. Cu. ft. per hour
m3 m3 per hour

The default units for Pleco are Gallons and Gallons per minute. The user can change the units by selecting ‘Units” under “Settings” in the Pleco display.


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