February 6, 2021

What’s a Smart Home?

There are different variations to what a smart home can be. But they all include new technology in energy, heat, electricity, security, or water.

The smart home of the future will be equipped with a car charger, security cameras and sensors on all the entries/exits, solar panels, and a rain barrel. Other smart devices include electricity monitors, smart water meters, smart lights, and smart thermostats.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait years to start turning your home into a smart home, most of these technologies are already widely available.

Smart homes and businesses are not just for tech geeks, they are good for the environment as they help reduce energy use, and they are good for saving money!

Pleco is the next part of the smart home ecosystem. Live water usage updates, fast leak detection, and classification of different kinds of water use make Pleco a must have for any smart home or business.
Pleco users have the information to make good choices and find habits they can change to save water and reduce their water bills.

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