August 6, 2021

Sample Units Available to Press and Influencers

Are you a member of the press? A journalist focusing on technology, computers, iot, sensors, or smart home devices?

Are you a social media influencer who reviews and discusses these sorts of topics and devices?

Pleco sample units are available! Just visit our website to learn more about Pleco and how we can send you a sample unit at no charge!

Pleco Smart Water Watch could be a perfect fit for you and your audience!

Benefits of PSWW

  • Real time water readings
  • Water usage defined by category (faucet, flush, shower, irrigation, and miscellaneous/other)
  • Leak detection before significant damage is done
  • Pays for itself

Note that PSWW requires an existing water meter to work properly. We can confirm with you if your water meter is Pleco-compatible ahead of time.

Contact us here:

[email protected]

Please include “Sample Request” in the subject line

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