March 31, 2021

Why did we Create Pleco?

Smart home devices are on the rise in a big way, smart lights, smart doorbells, motion detectors, smart thermostats, and more, are all becoming increasingly affordable and available. We realized that most homes water meter technology is out dated.

Water is our most precious resource and the first step to conserve it is to understand how we use water. We developed Pleco with the idea to be part of the solution to the water conservation problem and to improve quality of life.

In our early clients, we found through their feedback that almost immediately, their habits began to change. Showers that used to be 20-40 minutes became 5-10 minutes. Clients also began watering their lawns substantially less, one client turned off his outdoor fountain during the fall and winter months, saving countless gallons due to it being open cycle and running continuously.

In 2014 with the California drought worsening, Governor Jerry Brown ordered residents to cut their water use by 25%. This got us thinking, how will people know how much water they’re using? Most water meters in California (and across the country) are technologically archaic, and people’s only knowledge and interaction with their water use is through their bill at the end of the month.

Part of the magic of Pleco is that when clients see their water usage in real time, they become very conscious. Even if they do not take shorter showers but they cut down on how long their sprinklers run, that still saves hundreds of gallons over time. Every bit counts and we are happy to provide users with the information they need to make the best decisions on how to use water, reduce their water bills and promote conservation.

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