May 23, 2021

The Pleco Experience

When you get your Pleco it comes in a white box. Use scissors or a box cutter and gently cut along the line to loosen the packaging tape. Inside you’ll see the Pleco components neatly stored in the calibration container.

Green foam components have been added to hold the display and antenna in place and provide protection through shipment and delivery. You can discard the green foam parts as they will not be needed later.

We recommend that you charge the display unit for about half an hour before you begin the setup. Just follow the instructions on the touch screen display. Setup takes less than 15 minutes. You can also watch the setup video in our website in the ‘How It Works’ page.

Pleco is easy to take out of the packaging and setup! Pleco is a perfect, unique gift for home and business owners.

Pleco does not require tools nor a contractor or plumber to install! So sit back and let Pleco do the work for you! Have peace of mind when you are on the go, the Pleco app will alert you of any leaks!

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