January 19, 2021

Pleco provides live water use updates

See water use as it happens. Our smart algorithms can detect different kinds of water usage in real-time and with live updates you will see the water use as it happens.

Just touch the central circle on the app home screen and the real-time flow-rate screen comes up showing the various water usage events identified with colored icons that show the kind of water use and when it happened.

You will also see the maximum flow rate, as well as the unique “signature” for each event, such as shower, flush, faucet, sprinkler and other. This level of detail is only possible due to our high-resolution data and proprietary algorithms and will give you unique insight and understanding about your water use.

Use this feature to check if your sprinkler system turned on and off at the scheduled times, find out if a faucet was left open or if you have a defective toilet valve. Curious about how long your shower really was? No problem, Pleco will tell you.

Pleco also gives you daily, weekly and monthly water usage and trends by category. Combined, the live updates and the trends will give you a whole new understanding of your water use habits enabling you to make smart decisions on how to best use your water.

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