November 10, 2021

Learn About Leaks Early!

According the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( the average household’s leaks account for nearly 10,000 Gallons of wasted water every year and 10% of the homes have leaks that waste 90 Gallons or more per day. Also, commons types of leaks found in homes are easy to fix, such as worn toilet flappers and dripping faucets. Fixing those leaks can save homeowners 10% on their water bills.

Leaks can also cause water damage leading to costly repairs. The average cost of repairing water damage can range from $2,000 to $5,000 ( In general, these include water extraction and cleanup followed by structural repairs. The longer the leak goes unnoticed and the longer the structure is exposed to water the higher the changes for increased damage and repair costs. Therefore, finding leaks early is the best remedy to prevent costly repairs.

Pleco detects leaks and has a leak alert feature to notify you of potential leaks. In addition, with the live water use update feature and the flow rate (Gallons per minute) screen you can identify unusual water usage that might be indicative of a leak, a dripping faucet or a defective toilet or valve. You can then take action to correct the problem and prevent costly repairs due to water damage.

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