April 7, 2021

Earth Day Sale 2021!

Hey water savers! We here on Team Pleco have some good news to share!

First, we have implemented a new feature that allows users to download their water usage data through our website. Just login to your account at nudgesystems.com and select start and end dates to download total water usage, as well as water use by category.

Second, we are gearing up for Earth Day 2021! (Thursday April 22nd) Earth day is an important day for the environmental movement and the efforts to preserve and conserve precious resources. The first Earth Day was held in 1970, making this years Earth day the 51st!

To celebrate, we will be having a sale of 40% off for pleco the smart water watch, bringing the price from 249 to 149. and we still offer review units to members of the press, media, and online influencers.

Reducing overall water use is one of the best things the average consumer can do to help the environment. Saving water is good for both water conservation and for saving the energy needed to pump water to homes and businesses. That’s one of the main reasons catching leaks early is so important.

The sale ends May 10th

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