The Pleco Experience

When you get your Pleco it comes in a white box. Use scissors or a box cutter and gently cut along the line to loosen the packaging tape. Inside you’ll see the Pleco components neatly stored in the calibration container. Green foam components have been added to hold the display and antenna in place and … Continue reading “The Pleco Experience”

Earth Day Sale 2021!

Hey water savers! We here on Team Pleco have some good news to share! First, we have implemented a new feature that allows users to download their water usage data through our website. Just login to your account at and select start and end dates to download total water usage, as well as water … Continue reading “Earth Day Sale 2021!”

Why did we Create Pleco?

Smart home devices are on the rise in a big way, smart lights, smart doorbells, motion detectors, smart thermostats, and more, are all becoming increasingly affordable and available. We realized that most homes water meter technology is out dated. Water is our most precious resource and the first step to conserve it is to understand … Continue reading “Why did we Create Pleco?”

What’s in the Box?

When you buy Pleco, there’s more in the box than just a sensor! Every box comes with: Sensor Shell Display Calibration Container Instruction Manual Display Charger and cable The sensor attaches to an existing water meter, makes precise measurements of water flow, detects different kinds of water usage, detects leaks and sends the data to … Continue reading “What’s in the Box?”

A Look at the App

We worked hard designing the app, ensuring that it is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. You can see water use in multiple ways, find the screen that you like the best! Referring to the picture above and starting from the left: Screen 1 is the home screen: See your overall water use and … Continue reading “A Look at the App”

What’s a Smart Home?

There are different variations to what a smart home can be. But they all include new technology in energy, heat, electricity, security, or water. The smart home of the future will be equipped with a car charger, security cameras and sensors on all the entries/exits, solar panels, and a rain barrel. Other smart devices include … Continue reading “What’s a Smart Home?”